Marsch des Yorck’schen Korps


Marsch des Yorck’schen Korps

March in Military Band and Guard Battailon of the German Federal Armed Forces. Music: Marsch des Yorck’schen Korps or Yorckscher Marsch or The March for Military Band No.1 in F major (studio recording) Composer: Ludwig van Beethoven in 1808 Ludwig van Beethoven’s „Yorkscher Marsch“ is named in honor of Prussian General Ludwig Graf Yorck von Wartenburg. This ceremony is a several hundred years old prussian military tradition and has nothing to do with „Nazis“ from Third Reich or ww2. I’m sorry, you can`t buy a proper DVD of this! More from the Farewell ceremony allied troops from Berlin 1994: Colonel Bogey March: Stars and Stripes Forever: Sambre et Meuse: Helm ab zum Gebet!:

militay helm

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  1. Deutschland, Deutschland über alles. Ein Herzliche grüss aus Holland.

  2. So,jetzt ist alles gut.Die Kulisse ist der Hammer.Dank an unseren Soldaten.Ich Währe auch gerne dabei,sowas mal zu sehen,aber nein.ausgewähltes Puplikum!Wer denn Strickpulliträger Trittin und seine Steine Schmeißende Bande Darf gucken,wir nicht!Demokratie!Schämt euch ihr Strickpulliträger!Aber mit einem 8V nach hause fahren!Alles Klar!!!!!

  3. Ist von 1994.  (Verabschiedung der Aliierten aus Berlin)


  5. I should have learned German instead of American. damn occupiers

  6. Warum die alten amerikanischen Helme?

  7. Just awesome to look at. And I am pleased to see German pride again on the rising! Well done.

  8. i’m from the usa and very proud of the german people and thses great march’s

  9. but germany ist NOT prussia 😉

  10. just because the south-german states, especially austria, in those days lost the war unfortunaetly…

  11. Ignorant folks stuck in 1935.

    Many thanks to the German people for being staunch friends of the U. S. A.

  12. Don’t worry ,china will not attack western Civilization.So do not put us with Islam together.,

  13. its a pity you dont have the original live soundtrack for this…………

  14. This is a very impressive parade. Many good comments on this thread. However, all must stop throwing stones at each other as to who is best, Germans, Brits, French, Americans. It is idiotic. Our cornerstone is Western Civilization. Quit arguing, we have all fought each other and lost millions of lives. Now we as a Civilization are under attach from Islam and a growing China. We need to wake up and save our common heritage. Agree?

  15. u retard are very dumb…. british….
    u know Jewish is a religion??
    and a Jew can be german and a German can be jewish…
    and most Jews have their roots in Germany and Eastern Europe!!
    pls shut ur fucking mouth if u know nothing.. retarded idiot!

  16. Not only in WW1,look to the book:

    Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers written by the Jewish Professor Bryan Mark Rigg,

    University Press of Kansas

  17. Jews dying for Germany doesn’t make them German. I could fight and die for Chile, doesn’t make me Chilean. Jews are not German.

  18. Ja aber leider übertreiben es viele Deutsche mit dem Stolz 😉 … Stolz ist nicht gleich Einbildung (:

  19. no ! Many jewish Germans fought and died in WW1 for emperor and fatherland so NO !!!

  20. Deutschland über alles ! Lang lebe Deutschland !

  21. If you have German Jew blood you are probably from Russia ore se Caucasus!Your ancestor probably fled from se pogroms there,not long before settling in Germany!So you are not from german heritage at all!A Jew is a Jew and a German is Germanic ore volk Deutsche end of se story!

  22. Except you cannot own firearms very easily in Germany, which, while I have dual US/DE citizenship, is why I choose to remain in the US, but I am still incredibly proud of my German heritage.

  23. I am an American with German roots, and my ancestors were Jewish. As for Germany, great nation.

  24. All german people should be proud of be it. Wonderful marsch from spain

  25. Es ist ein sehr schönes Video,mit einem kleinen Makel, der Helm.Dieser Helm, wurde der jungen Bundeswehr von den amerikanischen Befreiern übergestülpt,sieht genauso blöde aus wie der, übrigens eine deutsche Weiterentwicklung des Helms42, Helm der ehemaligen NVA. Zu offiziellen Anlässen sollte die Bundeswehr wieder den Helm 42 tragen. Der Heute von den Soldaten der meisten Nato Mitgliedsländern getragene Helm,auch Fritz genannt,sieht seinem deutschen Vorbild sehr ähnlich.
    Was gut ist, bleibt gut