US Army – Intense Close Taliban Ambush – Helmet Cam


US Army – Intense Close Taliban Ambush – Helmet Cam

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militay helm

Es tropft von Helm und Säbel

Ein wunderschönes Reiterlied. Traurig und berührend.. Es spiegelt meine momentane Situation wieder.. 🙁 Verzweifelt, Verletzt, Wut, Hass.. Gruß euer Smokie.

militay helm

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  1. Anyone with a slight idea of what they are talking about, understand that China will have a bigger and more powerful economy than US very soon – just within the next few years.

    China isnt imperialistic, the only country threatening China is US – thats why China has built enough AA and surface to surface missiles to be practically untouchable. China doesent need to waste vast amounts of resources on a useless military. China has a long way to go, but unlike US – is heading the right way.

  2. that´s not funny -.-

  3. or arma 2

  4. Battlefield 3 🙂

  5. China may not be as powerful as us, but they have a hell of a lot of people.

  6. ho ho hoh oh ho hooooo ha ha ha ha a chinaaaaa,,,which has not fought a single real war yet,,,,,just a small 2 day fight with small no of unprepared indians,,,and once a similar 2 day fire with russia,,,,,,china do not has the guts of even touching any country today,,,entering afghanistan,,,,tats not there guts

  7. US has the best military and by the way were allied to 30+ countries

  8. watch?v=3iwSvXpjAT8&feature=related

  9. USA is still economic bigger then China, and China is FAAAAAAAAR away from USA when it comes to military power.

  10. noobtuber XD

  11. Right mate. I wasn’t implying The US want to conquer like Napoleon or the USSR, but they should learn from the makes They made, The British Empire made. Anyway spareaxe, lend me an axe and i’ll leave soon

  12. the US can conquer Afghanistan ……there’s nothing there to even want, that’s why no other country wanted it either dumbass.

  13. what a load of shit you commented!

  14. You need to study up son. Armies have tried to conquer Afghan for thousands of years, but it ain’t happening. And btw, I highly doubt these Afghan militants asked the Coalition forces to come to their country and start a war. And the USA is not the most powerful nation on earth, CHINA my cfriend. CHINA.


  16. Why do they have helmet cams?

  17. Dude the Viet Cong was sorely outmatched but because of the tactics they used and familiarity of the landscape they still managed to kick our ass in plenty of fights. Ultimately they lost but they put up a hell of a fight. The worst thing you can do in war is underestimate your enemy.

  18. I can’t tell if he’s breathing so heavily because of the heat plus all of that gear he’s carrying or he’s incredibly nervous (perhaps both).

  19. So, when the samurai fought the modern chinese army, they were retarded for doing so?

    I remember Bush announcing the biggest tank battle in history for the invasion of Iraq.
    36 US soldiers died, half of them shot by friendly fire. The tanks advanced that fast, they had to buy the gas at normal iraqian gas-stations, because their own supply trucks couldnt keep up..
    What a historical tank battle that was, huh?

    „Honor“ and „Courage“, two words unknown to US-soldiers, today..

  20. Of course they have better weapons? USA is like 100 years ahead that retarded camel-country. That talibans are just retarded that tries to fight the most powerful country on earth with outdated weapons.. Just the fact that the even WANT to fight USA is a proof of how retarded they are..

    Haha you think they „defend their families“?

  21. I love America, from Bosnia.

  22. Shitty Marine. He’s firing into nothing wasting rounds. Learn how to aim.

  23. Whole* But then again most army grunts are retarded.

  24. „but if u see it’s called „taliban ambush“ not US soldier ambush“

    Maybe you need to take a step back to get a more objective view:
    Would you allow any foreign army to occupy your home town? And when they start searching homes and killing innocent friends, neighbours, or relatives (on accident), would you stand and stare?
    Just imagine all those „gangster kids“ in the USA 😉

  25. but if u see it’s called „taliban ambush“ not US soldier ambush 🙂

  26. es tropft von helm und säbel,
    lied aus dem widerstand der bündischen jugend gegen den nationalsozialismus..
    es spiegelt situation der verbotenen bündischen jugend in der zeit des nationalsozialismus wieder.

    worte: manfred hausmann 1936,
    weise aus der kieler horte der jungenschaft dj.1.11.

  27. Immer interessant wie verschiedene Bünde(u.a.) das Lied wiedergeben. Wir haben einen Takt zugelegt, damit nicht schon alle eingeschlafen sind wenn wir das Ende erreicht haben ;). Aber dennoch ein wirklich schönes Lied,nur verdammt lang, wenn man alle Strophen singt ;).

  28. 1000 Dank für das Lied, ich habe es schon mindestens Ewig und 3 Tage gesucht!Man ist das schon lange her das ich es zuletzt gesungen habe.Kenne es aber noch Auswendig.Supergenialbohey usw. Danke dir!